Photo: © Georgi Georgiev

On May 29, a BSPB team observed а congregation of 14 Lesser Spotted Eagles in a large alfalfa field near Bucharest, Romania. Borislava, one of the birds tagged with a GPS transmitter, was also observed feeding there. Her presence was the reason for the team’s visit to the location.

Alongside them, two young Greater Spotted Eagles, as well as storks, Rooks, Long-legged Buzzards, and Common Kestrels were observed.

Such gatherings of young, non-breeding Lesser Spotted Eagles are rare and of great importance for studying the species’ life cycle. Last year, an impressive aggregation of over 100 migrating Lesser Spotted Eagles was observed in Western Strandzha.

The monitoring is carried out within the framework of the LIFE project “LIFE for Eagle’s Habitats”.