About us

Executive Forests Agency (EFA)

The Executive Forests Agency with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forests is responsible for the control and protection of forest areas in accordance with Bulgarian legislation and in particular with the provisions of the Forest Act and its by-laws. The main functions of EFA are related to forests protection – coordination, planning and control (fight against illegal activities, erosion and forest fires, diseases and pests), forest inventory, providing support to private forests owners, national database, seed control, management of the nature parks directorates.

The state policy in the field of forestry is implemented by the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forests through the Executive Forests Agency.

Structures and specialized territorial units have been established to execute the functions of the Executive Forests Agency, as follows: Regional Forest Directorates – 16, Forest Seed Control Stations – 2, Forest Protection Stations – 3, Nature Parks Directorates – 11, and Specialized Edition – Forest Magazine.


Bulgarian Society for the Protection of the Birds (BSPB)

The Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds is the largest and oldest civil environmental organization in the country.

BSPB works for the protection of wild birds, the important for them places and habitats, as well as for the overall biodiversity, as thus is contributing to the sustainable use of natural resources and the social well-being.

BSPB is part of BirdLife International – a global environmental organization, which is a network of partner organizations in over 100 countries around the world.

BSPB has won numerous international awards for achievements in environmental protection – 3 Natura 2000 awards of the European Commission. One award “Best of the best” LIFE projects and 5 awards for best project with the LIFE program of the European Commission.


SOUTHEast State Company (SESC)

The SouthEast State Company manages state forest territories in the regions of Burgas, Sliven, Stara Zagora, Haskovo and Yambol.

The area managed by the company characterizes with a big diversity of forest types creating environmental conditions for a wealth of plant and animal species. Two nature parks are located here – “Sinite kamani” and Strandzha Nature Park. They are rich in biodiversity and hold lots of natural monuments and nature reserves. The main tree species on the territory of the company are beech and oak while black pine, Scots pine and Norway spruce present to a lesser extent. The enterprise has 39 forest nurseries, 4 of which are of national importance.


NorthEast State Company (NESC)

The NorthEast State Company manages state forest territories in the regions of Shumen, Varna, Dobrich and Targoviste. The forests of Turkey oak and other oak species, European hornbeam, oriental beech, lime trees, black locust, ashes, and black pine have the highest share in the forested area of the company’s territory.

Two nature parks “Zlatni pyasatzi” and “Shumensko plato”, three nature reserves “Kamchiya”, “Kaliakra” and “Bukaka, eight maintained reserves as well as many protected sites and natural monuments are located here. The enterprise has 9 forest nurseries, 2 of which are of national importance.