Third training about the Saarland method will be held from 31st of October till 2nd of November in the State Hunting Area Gramatikovo. The training is part of the C3 activity “Trainings of the owners of forests and farms towards innovative practices in area management” within the project Life for Eagle’s Habtats.

Almost 30 experts from EFA, Northeastern State Enterprise,  Southeastern State Enterprise, Regional Forest Directorate Burgas, RFD Varna, RFD Shumen and RFD Sliven.  The training will be lead by dr. Martin Borisov, who will arrive in Bulgaria at the end of the week, at the project managers invitation. During the three days he will inform the participants with the theoretical and practical aspects of the method.

As of now almost 60 experts had been trained in the Saarland method, thanks to the project Life for Eagle’s Habitats. There is huge interests in the subject and experts from EFA, the two enterprises and the regional directorates had managed to participate in the trainings organized in SHA Sherba and SHA Gramatikovo.

Photo: Nejc Košir