On the occasion of the World Migratory Bird Day the displays in the Sofia metropolitan will broadcast a video, dedicated to some of the rarest migratory birds in Bulgaria – Egyptian vulture, Red-breasted goose and Lesser spotted eagle.

© Богдан Боев/Малък креслив орел

The initiative aims at spreading the knowledge about one of the most impressive but also most dangerous event in the life of the birds – migration. Metrolines represents the different routes, stops for resting and the final destination chosen by the three species – Egyptian vulture heads to Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa; the Lesser Spotted Eagles also travels to there and reaches the southernmost parts of the continent, and the Red-breasted goose arrives to Bulgaria from Arctic Russia.

Besides the thousands of kilometers of tireless flight during the migration these birds are subject to many man-made threats – poisoning, illegal hunting, dangerous electricity infrastructure, and habitat loss.

On the occasion of the World Migratory Bird Day we organize yet another event near Provadia – opening of a gazebo and a fountain, dedicated to the Egyptian vulture. The city is a home of the most famous Egyptian vulture pair which we observe more than 10 years live via online camera in their nest.

The World Migratory Bird Day is celebrated twice a year – on the second Saturday of May and October. Its goal is to raise awareness of the conservation of the migratory bird and their habitats. In 2021 the theme of the Day is related to the mental health and how contact with nature and birds help people to feel better. Birds’ songs help us to relax, to concentrate better and relieve stress. The pandemic environment got more and more people to turn to nature and birdwatching as a source of positive emotions and relaxation.


The initiative for the World Migratory Bird Day is part of the Projects Life for Safe Flight, Life for Eagle’s Habitats and Egyptian Vulture New Life.