Kubrat, Tervel and Svoboda – these are the names of the Lesser Spotted Eagles, on which we attached GSM satellite transmitters in July 2020. Since then we have been tracking their flight and behaviour during their first autumn and spring migrations.

Kubrat – the Lesser Spotted Eagle, hatched in the protected site “Derventski vazvishenia”, is currently in Turkey, near the mouth of the Maritsa River. Tervel – the other tagged male bird, was in Greece until a day ago and is now in Romania. The only female Lesser Spotted Eagle with a transmitter, Svoboda, stayed in Africa for a long time, started her migration a few days ago and is now in Israel.

Within the LIFE project “The Eagle’s Lands and Forests”, seven more satellite GSM transmitters are planned to be attached to Lesser Spotted Eagles this year. Some of them will be used to tag young birds from Northern Bulgaria if a suitable nest is identified.

It should be reminded that the tagging of juvenile Lesser Spotted Eagles from the Bulgarian population is carried out for the first time in our country. The data from satellite telemetry will reveal a lot about the eagle’s migration, the preferred resting places during the long migration, its temporary habitats and the identification of threats and causes of mortality of birds during migration and wintering.

Follow the movements of tagged eagles here.