A working meeting of “The Eagle’s Lands and Forests” project team was held this week on the area of the Northeast State Company. Experts from the Executive Forest Agency, the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds, the Ministry of Environment and Waters and the Northeast State Company visited several sites where afforestation with native species has been carried out. Foresters from the State Forest Enterprise – General Toshevo, State Hunting Enterprise – Balchik and State Forest Enterprise – Dobrich showed their colleagues newly created forest shelter belts within the project, as well as transformations of coniferous plantations into broadleaf forest. The new belts will create excellent habitats for this species, which is indeed the goal of “The Eagle’s Lands and Forests”.

The project ” Conservation measures for the Lesser Spotted Eagle and its Habitats in Bulgaria”, which is part of the EU LIFE programme, aims to protect this rare species and preserve the biodiversity of Bulgaria’s forests. The partners in the project are EFA, BSPB, NESC and SESC. The implementation period is 5 years, the activities will be implemented in 20 NATURA 2000 protected sites located in South-eastern and North-eastern Bulgaria.