Photo: © Nestor Domuschiev

During a survey on April 29, 2024, in the operational area of the Tsonevo State Forestry Unit, the presence of a Lesser Spotted Eagle’s nest was confirmed. The photos indicate signs of its renewal this spring. Logging activities conducted in the area have not negatively impacted the nest’s integrity. According to the forest management plan from 2019, logging aimed at regeneration was planned.

The logging, authorized by a permit issued on June 19, 2023, was gradual and completed with the issuance of a logging site inspection protocol on January 9, 2024. No threats to the species were identified at the nest site.

The nest is 15 meters above the ground, situated on a quadruple-branch junction of the tree. The tree itself is 18 meters tall and of the species Quercus cerris (Turkey Oak). Nearby arable agricultural lands serve as feeding territories for the bird.