In the newly created forests, within the project “The Eagle’s Lands and Forests”, the clearing of the grasses that have sprouted after the heavy rains has started. The row-spacings in the young forests are cleaned with a machine, while the vegetation around the saplings is weeded by hand and then hoed.

The first maintenance of young saplings is extremely important. It is very labour-intensive, but it determines the success of the new afforestation, explained the deputy director of the State Hunting Enterprise – Balchik, Eng. Radoslav Radev. He also said that depending on the terrain, soil, weather conditions and tree species, it can take up to five years time of regular care of the saplings.

The newly created forests within the project in the State Hunting Enterprise – Balchik, State Forest Enterprise – General Toshevo and State Forest Enterprise – Dobrich are in very good condition. “If the maintenance is done on time, I expect that we will soon be able to praise ourselves with the first broadleaf forests that have appeared in North-eastern Bulgaria thanks to the ” The Eagle’s Lands and Forests” project”, added Eng. Radev.