More than 400 suggestions for a name for the eagle Alexandria came in at a North East State Enterprise, shortly after we announced we were looking for a godfather for a traveler who flew from Bulgaria to Zimbabwe.

The writer Iskra Urumova was the first to write to us and suggested the names Neda and Marko, which are the names of the fairies and heroes in our folklore and in her books. Nadia Petrova chose the name Ashley, after a close friend from Zimbabwe, who became a Bulgarian daughter-in-law and often traveled between Bulgaria and the African country, just like our eagle. Teodora Denkova reminds us of the story of Anka Lambreva, the first Bulgarian woman to fly over the Channel and the first round-the-world traveler. According to Denkova, the little eagle can have her name, but if it is too heavy for a young bird, it can also be Aneto, according to the story of the same name by Angel Karaliychev. The stories of Aneto and the eagle are extraordinary and show that often even the smallest can surprise us with unsuspected powers, writes Teodora Denkova. We also received a letter from an English woman who lives in Bulgaria. Tracy suggested the name “Eddie the eagle”.

Many more suggestions came our way through e-mail and the media. Among them are Bendida /Thracian goddess/, Traveller, Orin, Walter /of the fallen pilot Valentin Terziev/, Zalmoxis /one of the gods of the Getae/, Zhelyaz, Balkan, Alinor, Argo, Chiko, Orlin, Cressy, Hirou, Angel, Gelo , Ognyana, Asparuch, Eagle, Rumen, Ikaros, Olympos, Petrozar, Amon, Ventork, Vihra, Gosho, Galileo, Madara, Buzzy, Zimba, Phoenix, Rhea, Kalin, Dominic, Bulgar, Aitos /from the Greek aeotos-eagle/, Brianda, Avitohol, Ongle, Katerina, Teodora, Ikar, Surviver, Victor, Zephyr, Freedom, Ursula, Buddy, Strela, Ori, Orelia, Sharo, Ataman, Shumla, Bulgarian, Pagane, Tervel, Skye, Dobrotitsa, Columbus, Magellan, Dobrudzhan, Lysimachus, Zephyr, Iris, Orlando, Loki, etc.

Among the first letters was this from Radka Kharkova. She wrote to us: “Thank you for the good news amid the horrors we are being bombarded with. My suggestion is to take the name of the village where he was born /because there are no random things/-Alexandria or Alexander. A royal name for the king of birds…”

“It came up with the name – Alexandria!!! As his patron, he crosses dozens of borders to inspire the world,” Matej is emphatic.

And for Georgi Tasev, the name comes only: “There is something symbolic in this – his birthplace is in the village of Alexandria, Dobrichko, it flew over the city of Alexandria, Egypt… If the eagle is female, let’s name it Alexandria, if it turns out to be male – Alexander “.

“I suggest that the eagle bear the name of his native village!” The symbolism here is that he will be a great winner, like Alexander the Great!”, shared Elena Atanasova. And Stilyan Venelinov has chosen the same name for the eagle, but he also offers two caressing names – Aiya or Aya, as for him the combinations are reminiscent of the sounds made by birds of prey. Iliyan Hristakiev added the surname Krusharski /the village of Alexandria is located in the municipality of Krushari / or Bulgarian. “My brothers from North Macedonia will forgive me,” jokes Hristakiev.

In the end, nearly a third of the godparents decided that the eagle should be called Alexandria or Alexander, and we – from NESE and EF – accept their decision.

We are grateful to everyone who wrote to us and suggested a name for the eagle. We also thank the media who spread the news and helped us , because without them it would have been difficult for us to find the right name for the eagle from the village of Alexandria.