A new children’s book “Tales from the Nest” tells the story of the Lesser Spotted Eagle. The book was written by experts from the Northeast State Company (NESC), and the accompanying illustrations are done by the young Shumen artist Sava Hadzhiminchev. The artist managed to produce the drawings for the text in less than a month. The book is suitable for children from pre-school groups and primary school classes.

“Tales from the Nest” is part of the forest pedagogy lessons conducted by the NESC experts. Each page of the booklet has a game that gives additional information to the children about what the Lesser Spotted Eagle eats, where it lives and how it raises its young. The forest pedagogy classes last for two hours. They will target children from the region of Shumen, Dobritch, Varna and Targovishte.

The Lesser Spotted Eagle is a legally protected species in Bulgaria. Its conservation, through the improvement and restoration of its habitats, is the subject of the project “Conservation Measures for the Lesser Spotted Eagle and its habitats in Bulgaria” under the EU LIFE Programme. The booklet “Tales from the Nest” is published within the project, partners of which are the Executive Forest Agency, the Northeast and Southeast State Companies and the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds.>