In the next 10 days 7 young Lesser Spotted Eagles from several nests around Bulgaria will be tagged with satellite transmitters. For the first time this year transmitters will be put on birds from North East Bulgaria.

The placement of the transmitters will be carried out by experts with long term experience and will be completely safe for the birds. The installed GSM transmitters weigh less than 3% of the eagles’ body weight and are attached to the birds by means of Teflon straps. The transmitter is attached loosely so as not to cause inconvenience to the bird, but at the same time to ensure that it will not fall off or be removed by the eagles. Tagged birds very quickly get used to the transmitters and can carry out their daily activities without problems.

For two breeding seasons, this year and next, 10 juvenile Lesser Spotted Eagles will be tagged.

The placement of satellite transmitters on Lesser Spotted Eagles will allow to study the species in more depth and specifically obtain more detailed information about its migration route, preferred roosting places during its long migration route, temporary habitats and many other important events in the life of Lesser Spotted Eagles. Tracking eagles by satellite telemetry will also serve for something much more important, namely the identification of threats and causes of mortality in birds during migration.