The LIFE project “The Eagle’s Lands and Forests” presented the Lesser Spotted Eagle at a children’s festival in Plovdiv on 29 May 2021.

Nearly 2000 people visited the event, which was organized on the occasion of the International Children’s Day. Its organizers were the Regional People’s Library “Ivan Vazov” – Plovdiv, the Municipality of Plovdiv, the Association for Social, Health and Legal Aid, the SCSO and the Club “Agarta”. One of the goals of the festival was to follow the relationship between knowledge and movement – how to apply knowledge in real life, how to protect nature when communicating with it and how to be active and stay healthy.

During the event, the children of Plovdiv had the opportunity to listen to interesting lectures, see impressive demonstrations, take on the role of a rescuer, biologist, scientist, spelunker, and together with the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds – to immerse themselves in the diversity of feathered species in the big city and learn more about the Lesser Spotted Eagle.