Classes dedicated to the conservation of the Lesser Spotted Eagle continue. They are held outdoors by experts from “Shumensko Plateau” Nature Park and Northeast State Company (NESC). Today, the forest educators welcomed children from “Brezichka” kindergarten in the forest park “Kjoshkovete”. The children took the role of eaglets playing games that recreated the life cycle of the Lesser Spotted Eagle. To support the activities, a booklet “Tales from the Nest” was published, that each child received as a gift.

The management of all kindergartens in Shumen showed great interest in the forest pedagogy training, and the lesson about the Lesser Spotted Eagle in particular. It is suitable for pre-school groups and complements the activities in the kindergartens. Classes have already been held at Izvorche, Pchelitsa and Brezichka kindergartens, and next week there will be classes at Svetulka and Konche Vihrogonche kindergartens.

The lessons are implemented thanks to the project “Conservation measures for the Lesser Spotted Eagle and its habitats in Bulgaria”, which is part of the EU LIFE Programme. The partners in the project are EFA, BSPB, NESC, SESC. Its aim is to create new habitats for the Lesser Spotted Eagle, to protect the species and to preserve the biodiversity of the forests in Bulgaria.