Days before the Day of the National Revival Leaders, more than 50 children from Sliven and Chirpan took part in lessons about the forest and its inhabitants. The meetings with the young students from 2nd and 3rd grade were held from October 20 to 22 by experts of the Executive Forest Agency. The lessons dedicated to the wild inhabitants of the forest were held outdoors and the children participated actively. To their joy, they had the opportunity to arrange a puzzle, through which they peeked directly into the nest of the Lesser Spotted Eagle – one of the inhabitants of broadleaf forests.

The pupils also learned how to identify tracks of wild animals inhabiting the forests of Bulgaria and how to protect them. A special role was given to the Lesser Spotted Eagle and its conservation as part of the biodiversity of the forest.

The lessons with pupils from different parts of the country with the forest educators will continue whenever possible, observing all necessary prevention measures of the epidemiological situation.

The forest pedagogy lessons, which aim to awaken love for nature in young schoolchildren in Bulgaria, are part of the activities of the EU LIFE project “Life for Eagles’ Habitats” implemented by the Executive Forest Agency in partnership with the Southeast and Northeast State Companies and the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds.