70 active nests of Lesser Spotted Eagles have been confirmed on the territory of Bulgaria in 2021, announced Dimitar Demerdzhiev from the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds. So far 10 eagles have been fitted with transmitters, with the first three in 2020. Of them, only one returned to Bulgaria, and the rest nest in neighboring Greece. The interesting thing, according to the ornithologist, is that the bird that stayed with us first reached Kazakhstan and only then returned to its native land.

The transmitter data shows that most of the birds we track on our site winter in the Okavango Delta in Botswana. This area emerges as the most important wintering place for the Bulgarian population. The huge river that borders the Kalahari desert offers excellent conditions for all migratory birds.

The eagle named Alexandria continues its journey in Africa. Brave Alexandria makes quite long journeys, having flown by the capital Windhoek a few days ago, and then headed to Etosha National Park, but she has not yet arrived there.

We will find out whether Alexandria will choose to nest in Bulgaria in April, and until then you can follow the flight of the little bird thanks to the “Life for Eagle’s Habitats” project.