Fifty hectares of new forests will be created in the next four years in the State Forest Enterprise – General Toshevo. In the autumn, nearly 17 ha will be planted, in 8.6 of which there will be restoration of forest shelter belts functions.

By the end of the year, soil preparation will be done on another 10.4 ha, with afforestation to take place in 2021. The funds for these activities are provided under sub-measure 8.4 “Restoring forest potential damaged by forest fires and other natural disasters and catastrophic events”.

Eighteen ha of new forests will be created in the enterprise thanks to the project “Conservation Measures for the Lesser Spotted Eagle and its habitats in Bulgaria”, under the EU LIFE programme. The partners in the project are EFA, BSPB, NESC and SESC, and its aim is to create new habitats for the Lesser Spotted Eagle, to protect the species and preserve the biodiversity of the forests in this part of our country.

The afforestation will be carried out entirely with native species – Turkey oak, common ash and silver lime. The saplings for the afforestation campaigns will be provided by the nurseries on the territory of the NESC, and the Turkey oak acorns will be collected by the employees of the State Forest Enterprise – General Toshevo.