31 experts from Executive Forest Agency, North East State Enetrprise, South East State Enterprise, Regional Forest Directorates Shumen, Burgas, Sliven and Varna will participate in training on the application of the Saarland method this week. The training will take place on the territory of State Hunting Area Sherba and is part of the project “Life for Eagle’s Habitats”.

Eng. Nikolay Vasilev from EFA opened the second meeting explaining to his colleagues that three more trainings are coming up with about 90 foresters to participate. This week’s training will be filmed and made into two training films – a longer one and a shorter one.

The lectures and practical classes will be led by Dr. Eng. Martin Borisov – the person trying to impose the Saarland Method in Bulgaria. He explained that the method has been applied in Bulgaria since 2007, following a project by EFA and the German Society for Technical Cooperation. Even then, foresters from the country were trained, but thanks to the meetings financed by the “Life for Eagle’s Habitats” project, about 150 more foresters will receive knowledge not only about the ecological, but also about the economic importance of the method.