Experts from Executive Forest Agency, North east State Enterprise, South East State Enterprise, and the Regional Forest Directorates Shumen, Burgas, Sliven and Varna are participating this week in trainings on the Saarland method. Its goal is to grow trees of the future with extremely high-quality wood, which is sold at very high prices on world markets. The method is very important not only from an economic bur also from an environmental point of view.

The speaker of the event is Dr. Martin Borisov, who is one of the leading foresters trying to impose the Saarland Method in Bulgaria. He explained that the method entered our country in 2007, following a project by EFA and the German Society for Technical Cooperation. Even then, our foresters have undergone training, but the method has not yet taken hold in our country. It is being applied in obly a few departments of the eastern state enterprises. Engineer Borisov said that the method has already proven itself in Germany and in France, and he hopes that after the series of trainings this year, its more widespread application will begin in our country.

150 foresters from the country will participate in the workshops on the Saarland Method, and their training is financed by the “Life for Eagle’s Habitats” project. The training this week takes place on the territory of State Hunting Area Sherba, and today is the second working day on the field.