Saarland method

Long-term protection of the nesting population of Lesser Spotted Eagle in Bulgaria can be achieved only by protection and sustainable development of the existing habitats and this is part of the aims of the project in the next 5 years. 

Part of the main threats for the nesting habitats comes from forestry practices such as clear-cuttings, reduction of the tree density, disturbance due to wood transportation near the nests etc.     

During the period of the project “Forests of the eagle” in the program LIFE of the EU different innovative forest practices are planned to preserve and improve the nesting habitats of the lesser spotted eagle.

Such forestry practice which gives opportunity for balance between productive and preservation functions of the forests is the Saarland approach. Using it high quality timber is grown according to high ecological standards. Human activity is maximally saving for the nature and is contributes for protection and enlargement of the biodiversity, including maintenance of suitable habitats for the eagle.  

This innovative practice creates structurally diverse forest because it offers individual approach for growing of every single tree. Some investigations proved that bigger amount of eagle couples reproduce successfully if inhabit forests that include trees with bigger diameter around the nesting places. Furthermore, the number of the nests increase with the increment of the diameter and height of the trees.  

According to the Saarland approach the level of intervention in the forest stands is high, but the cuttings are focused in small areas and the intensity is hot high.

Another positive aspect of using this method is that the disturbance will be reduced within the forest populations and the habitats for hunting and nesting of the lesser spotted eagle will be improved.

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