About the project

The project Preserve key forest habitats of the Lesser Spotted Eagle (Aquila pomarina) in Bulgaria (LIFE12 NAT/BG/001218), also known by its shorter name The Eagle’s Forests, is financed by the LIFE+ Programme of the European Union. Its duration is 5 years (July 1, 2013 to July 2, 2018).

The Executive Forest Agency (EFA) is coordinator of the project, and the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) is an associate partner.


The budget of the project totals 1 784 335 euro; of those the European Union provides 74.89%, and the partners co-finance the remaining 25.11%.

Information about LIFE+ Programme

LIFE+ Programme is the financial instrument of the European Union for the conservation of the environment and the support for actions addressed at climate change. Its goal is to contribute for the implementation, actualization and development of EU policies and legislation on environment and climate issues through co-financing local projects for biodiversity conservation and NATURA 2000 sites. Since its launch in 1992 the programme has provided co-financing for 3 954 projects in the European Community, contributing with 3.1 billion euro to environmental conservation.

You can learn more about LIFE+ Programme and the projects it supports here.  

Main objectives of the project:

  • Strengthening the strategic planning framework that guides the conservation of the Lesser Spotted Eagle and its key breeding and hunting grounds;
  • Maintaining and enhancing feeding, breeding and roosting habitats for the priority Lesser Spotted Eagle through developing and deploying a model for sustainable forest management;
  • Reducing the detrimental effects of unintended disturbance and direct persecution of the Lesser Spotted Eagle;
  • Enhancing public understanding of and support for the conservation of priority bird species, their habitats and the wider Natura 2000 sites that are crucial for their long-term existence.


Geographical area

The project will take place in 16 Special Protected Areas (SPAs), part of the NATURA 2000 Network: Studen kladenets, Most Arda, Byala reka, Atanasovsko ezero, Kotlenska planina, Kamenski bair, Yazovir Ivaylovgrad, Strandzha, Sakar, Zapadna Strandzha, Madzharovo, Harmanliyska reka, Sinite kamani – Grebenets, Derventski vazvishenia, Krumovitsa, Adata – Tundzha.