Kosti State Forest Enterprise (SFE): forestry activities and honey production

photo: V. Ferdinandova

Despite the great effort presently put into increasing the economic potential of non-wood forest products, the mechanisms for the distribution of information on increasing the economic potential of such resources are still not effective enough.

Forests in Bulgaria have many functions; at present, however, the two main activities for profit are wood production and hunting estate management. Enhancing profit by non-wood forest products such as honey and apiculture products from forests which are key habitats for the Lesser Spotted Eagle is one way to diversify the profit of the enterprises and hence change the approach to forest management.

At present Kosti SFE manages 130 beehives set in open spaces in the forests, benefiting from the unique qualities of forests in Strandzha Mountain. The project will help Kosti SFE to receive support for expanding this activity and transforming the traditional honey production into a certified organic production.

In addition Kosti SFE will receive assistance for the development of a marketing strategy and better advertising for honeydew honey – an organic product from Lesser Spotted Eagle habitats.