Prevention of direct persecution of the Lesser Spotted Eagle

photo: S. Spasov. http://www.natureimages.eu/

In Bulgaria the Lesser Spotted Eagle is a protected species on the entire territory of the country. The systematic work done by the BSPB in recent years for the prevention of wild bird crime revealed that it is a serious threat on the national level which was underestimated in the past.

We will introduce a mechanism to engage the authorities in charge and the key stakeholders (e.g. hunters and forest rangers) in the counteraction of bird crime and the direct killing of birds.

BSPB will work with the respective authorities on the territory of the project (border police, customs, forest rangers and others); we will train their staff in order to improve the implementation of the European legislation and the international conventions with regard to bird crime. BSPB has already established a functional cooperation with the National Customs Agency.

In order to encourage prevention measures at the breeding grounds of the Lesser Spotted Eagle and of bird crime on the territory of the project we will provide a special budget for nominating and awarding the most efficient forest rangers, forest inspectors, customs and police officers, as well as the general public for their achievements against nest raiding, illegal trade, poaching and human disturbance.